How to change DNS records in Plesk?

To get to the DNS editor, do the following:

  1. Log into Plesk
  2. Under Hosting Services, click on Domains
  3. Find the domain in question, and click on the corresponding link that says “Control Panel” (on the far right side)
  4. Click the “Websites & Domains” tab
  5. Click the “DNS Settings” link
  6. Click on “[Manage]” for the appropriate domain
  7. To edit an existing record, click on the record under “Host”

MX records

  1. Change the “Record type” to MX (if necessary)
  2. “Mail domain” should be left blank
  3. Set the “Mail exchange server” the name of your mail server (for example
  4. The party who gave you the mail exchange server name may have also given you a priority number; if not, “very high(0)” is perfect

A records

  1. Change the “Record type” to A (if necessary)
  2. For “Domain name”, put in the subdomain you want to host
  3. For “IP Address”, change it to the IP of your desired server

CNAME records

  1. Change the “Record type” to CNAME (if necessary)
  2. For “Domain name”, put in the subdomain you want to host
  3. For “Canonical name”, change it to the name of your desired server
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