How to configure remote mysql in cPanel?

This feature allows remote hosts to access mysql databases on your account. This blog describes how to use cPanel to allow external hosts computer to access your MySQL databases remotely. When remote host access is enabled, you can use remote client applications to connect to your databases directly. For enabling remote mysql, please do the following step:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. In search bar type, remote mysql


3. or go to Database section and Click on remote mysql.


4. Enter the remote IP address in the Add Access Host section.


  1. After clicking on add host button you will see a message “the host IP address was added to the access list”.


How to remove (deny) access host from remote access?


  1. open remote mysql


2. find the host ip and click on delete in front of associated ip Address

6      3. click on remove access host


4. after clicking on remove access host it will show message “Removed Host “*.*.*. *” from the access list”


You’ve successfully configure remote mysql in cPanel.

Contact waxspace support if you need any support for configuring remote mysql.