How to manage user using cPanel?

Overview: –

       The User Manager interface allows you to add, manage, and delete your Sub-accounts. You can manage each Sub-account’s access to email, FTP, and Web Disk. The User Manager interface also allows you to merge email, FTP, and Web Disk accounts into a single Sub-account. Additionally, this interface allows you to link service accounts to Sub-accounts.

Steps: –

1.Login to your cPanel account.

2.In search bar type “user”

1     or click on

2     or goto preferences section

3     And click on user manager

43.To add new user simply click on add user

54.Insert the details of user such as Full name, Username, select the domain and enter the email address for contacting purpose.

65.Select the security information the you want.

76.Give the services to the user such as Email, FTP an Web Disk

87.After setting up user setting, click on create.

9     and if you want to create more than one user click on

108.After adding the user you can also change the permissions of user by just clicking to edit under that username.