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Website Malware Removal

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Website Malware Removal

Waxspace is a leading best website malware removal company. Our website malware removal includes Up to 500 pages on one website, Daily malware scan, Zero-Day vulnerability scanning, File change monitoring, Spam and search engine blacklist monitoring. Waxspace malware removal service start from $01.25/Month. Check website for malware today. scan website for malware and get relaxed removing malware.

What is Website Malware Removal
Malware can harm the fundamental operations of your website. A malware is capable of discovering mystery information about your organization, staff and even customers. The information about your items and services is also at risk. All these can be used for harmful or criminal purposes. Malware’s have the potential of crushing your website; and thus your online presence and reputation. Also, once the malware enters your PC, it can purloin your pass and secret information; as well as damage software code and files that help them further destroy your online reputation.

As the doctors say, prevention is better than cure. Waxspace is an online security service provider which constantly scans your website for the presence of malware’s and creates an alert for you on their detection. Furthermore, Waxspace also removes the malware’s for you saving you the trouble. Subscribe to Waxspace now and get rid of the Malware Trouble.

Malware Removal

Website Malware Removal Plans



  • Up to 25 pages on one website
  • Daily malware scan
  • One vulnerability scan per year
  • File change monitoring
  • Spam and search engine blacklist monitoring



  • Up to 500 pages on one website
  • Daily malware scan
  • Zero-Day vulnerability scanning
  • File change monitoring
  • Spam and search engine blacklist monitoring

What we do for Malware Removal

Waxspace Malware Remoal

Our Top Features

Website Error Reporting

We report you which webpages on your website are displaying errors to your customers. This provides you with the information you need to make sure customers can reach what they need on your site.

Quality Check

We do perform a quality check to make sure that malware removal has not affected the functionality of your site.

Insecure Folder Permissions Detection

We detect if folders on your hosting account have permissions that are unsuitable from a security perspective.

Uptime Monitoring

Up-time Monitoring gives you an overview of the availability of your website including details on down time. In case the site goes down we will send you an email alert.

Reputation Monitoring

Blacklist Monitoring is a comprehensive daily check on the status of your website on the Google Safe Browsing List. We notify you if your website ends up on a blacklist and help you to remove your site from the search engine blacklist.

Webpage Defacement Detection

We detect if hackers have defaced your webpages so you can take immediate action.

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